Thursday, October 30, 2008

Your boss (and Borat!) want you to vote

Well, at least these bosses do.

I've been really pleased to see some of the voter outreach Google's been doing over the past few months -- from this celebrity-supported voter registration video, to their handy voting map (and other fancy gadgets), to their interviews with candidates during the primary season, to this video
showing people that even big bad corporate CEOs want you to vote:

And that celebrity voter registration video? Well, there's a sequel (uploaded yesterday):

And this one has Harrison Ford and Borat in it! A more powerful duo has never graced the small (small) screen.

Just make sure that you leave enough time when you go to vote -- with long waits even at the early voting locations, there's sure to be quite a rush on November 4th itself. Questions are already being raised over whether the system will even be able to handle the incredible turnout expected on Election Day -- so make sure to plan in advance. The groundbreaking voter registration efforts taking place across the country are showing and ensuring that every vote is going to matter.

You might want to give (and make your boss give) yourself more than that hour, just to be safe.

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