Thursday, July 06, 2006

Note on abbreviations

Any abbreviations used on this blog will be defined here:

  • TCR: The Colbert Report
  • TDS: The Daily Show
  • the Report: The Colbert Report (this is often how Stephen will refer to it on the show, i.e. "Here on the Report . . ." The italics are for grammatical accuracy, not for emphasis.)
  • TDK: The Dark Knight, a 2008 Batman film directed by Christopher Nolan

A permanent link can be found on the sidebar of the homepage.

Note: This post has been substantially altered from when it was originally posted on July 6, 2006. In addition, while that original timestamp remains, it has been edited multiple times since that date.

While it is technically a blog entry, this page is being used as an ever-growing lexicon of abbreviations that are being used in other entries in the blog, and is therefore being managed differently than if it was a regular post.

For reference, here is the original text of the post:

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Note on abbreviations

I just wanted to make this clear – “The Daily Show with Jon Stewart” may be abbreviated to TDS, and “The Colbert Report” to TCR. These, and any other abbreviations used on this blog, will be defined here.

A permanent link has been added to the sidebar of the homepage.

posted by Iman at 10:58 PM

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