Monday, December 22, 2008

This is weird . . . but there is an explanation

Fans of ABC's LOST will find this both intriguing and very strange:

Some (of the many) questions in response to this might be:
  1. What is happening to Sayid?!
  2. Where is he?
  3. What are those numbers?
  4. What season is this from?
  5. Is that a pink smoke monster?
Luckily (or not, depending how badly you're craving answers to the show's many actual unanswered questions), there is an easy explanation for all this, albeit a strange one. As commenters on the YouTube video have pointed out, along with several other sites, the three clips contained in the video are actually special promotions for Britain's Sky1, Sky2, and Sky3 television networks (which, it would appear, are or will be broadcasting LOST).

So while it may not help solve any mysteries or burning questions raised by the show, at least we can feel like we had a LOST-related mystery to solve, and we found a solution. Well, maybe. Or maybe I'm just trying to compensate for how badly I want the show to return . . . January 21, 2008 can't come soon enough!


  1. why can't you wait for the next season to start? what happens at the end of season 4 that's so intriguing?

  2. Well, you see, what happens is -- oh, I see what you're doing . . . you almost got me there. ;-)