Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Rep. Lynn Westmoreland's TCR interview

"This has been called a 'do-nothing Congress'. Is it safe to say you're the do-nothingest?"

Another now-infamous "Better Know a District" segment, which originally aired on the June 14, 2006 episode of The Colbert Report. This installment interviewed Rep. Lynn Westmoreland, from Georgia's 8th district. What particularly lit up the internet and news venues was the moment where Stephen asked Rep. Westmoreland to name The Ten Commandments, which the representative is pushing to have displayed in certain public buildings. Westmoreland's inability to name them all earned him a lot of criticism from many people, who openly commented about it on the internet.

Rep. Westmoreland did say, however, when talking about his interview experience, that, "The only part about it I didn’t like was when (Colbert) asked me did I know the Ten Commandments. I named off seven, but on the show he only gave me credit for three [. . .] Other than that I had fun." In addition, this other article also quotes Westmoreland saying some things that clarify his stance on representation and sticking to his campaign literature.

This was the other interview mentioned during the July 25th episode of the Report, which addressed the network news' coverage of this, as well as Rep. Robert Wexler's, interview. You can watch the video here.

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