Friday, October 06, 2006

Video delays

Figured I'd fill you in on what's taking so long to post some new material -- I am currently waiting for the video I uploaded to Metacafe to be readied for consumption. During my hiatus, they seem to have changed their options a bit -- before, I had been able to submit a video as "private", and had done so, as I felt that as I was uploading the video for linking to from this site, and to provide context for the discussion contained herein (and therefore keeping it much more along the lines of Fair Use). Now, that option seems to have disappeared, and instead of the video being ready for linking to off of this site within an hour of uploading, I've gotten a message saying that my video "is now being distributed to members of the MetaCafe community for review". It's been like that for a day and a half now, with no update coming from Metacafe.

I'm not sure exactly what this means, but hopefully, it will straighten itself out very soon -- otherwise, I may have to switch to another video host. I've really liked hosting my videos at Metacafe, though, and so I'd like to give them a fair chance. I wrote them the following e-mail yesterday:


In the past, I had submitted videos and marked them as "private". This was because I didn't want to overstep the bounds of Fair Use law, as I was using the clips to illustrate points made in my blog. By keeping the videos private, I felt I would minimize any question as to whether or not this was their purpose.

When I uploaded a new video last night, there was no option for making the video private. Now, my video is apparently undergoing some sort of review process -- which is something I did not have to do in the past -- which is not only slowing down my being able to link to it from the blog, but also shows that it is indeed not a private video anymore. My other uploaded videos have remained private -- is it possible to put this option back (or tell me how to do it, if I missed it)? It seemed to work the best for the way I wanted to use my clips.

Thanks so much, and take care,

I guess we'll see what happens! If another day or so goes by with no response, I'll start uploading the videos elsewhere, if even just as a temporary alternative. I really want to get back to posting in my full capacity, and this is stopping me from doing so. There's some great stuff to post about -- hopefully, it will be with you within a day or two.

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