Monday, January 05, 2009

Apple's last Macworld keynote tomorrow

Now that we know Steve Jobs isn't dying (for those who were worried), we can all kick back and enjoy the show. I'll be following it here (if I don't wait for the video stream). I'm sad to hear that Apple isn't planning on coming back to Macworld; as many have said, it's looking to be the end of an era. Especially considering that Macworld was where Apple made many of their biggest launch announcements, I'm sad to see them go. Here's to hoping that they'll reconsider in the years to come (and that Steve starts giving keynotes again soon -- that guy can give a presentation like no one else!)!

Times for the keynote (via Engadget):

07:00AM - Hawaii
09:00AM - Pacific
10:00AM - Mountain
11:00AM - Central
12:00PM - Eastern
05:00PM - London
06:00PM - Paris
02:00AM - Tokyo (January 7th)

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