Sunday, January 18, 2009

Three more days

With one of the best shows ever produced returning for it's fifth and second-to-last season on Wednesday, the anticipation is reaching feverish levels. For those who have already watched (and rewatched) the trailers and preview excerpts, Thursday's New York Times article about LOST's script coordinator and co-producer Gregg Nations won't necessarily help ease the suffering, but it's nevertheless an interesting read.

And with House returning from its six-week hiatus, and the fifth hour of thusfar-excellent Season 7 of 24 . . . it's shaping up to be quite a good week.

Note: Hulu has links to all of the show's episodes from the first four seasons here, though they're hosted by ABC and therefore need their media plug-in to be installed before watching. (And for those of you new to the series, the "Pilot, Part 2" is mis-labelled as the second episode, with "Tabula Rasa" being labelled as part of the first -- make sure to watch "Pilot, Part 1", then "Pilot, Part 2", then "Tabula Rasa", then "Walkabout", etc.)

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