Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Site of the Day

I am exceedingly excited and honored to announce that my personal website has been chosen as Adobe's Muse Site of the Day for today, August 1, 2012!

The showcase honors sites that "exhibit strong visual design and usability, interesting and/or timely content, and innovative use of Muse features."

The blurb Adobe wrote about my site reads:

Graphics that play on light and dark are a central theme in this multimedia portfolio's design. Some images descend into darkness at the bottom, while others have light sources that glow from one edge of the image. The text graphics for headlines use shadows and gradients to appear lit from above.

My site has already had visitors from 21 different countries over the course of the day, and the day's not over yet! Thanks to Adobe for showcasing my site, and thanks to everyone who's visited and supported me throughout this journey. I'm looking forward to the next chapter!

My website
Adobe Muse Site of the Day

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