Monday, November 22, 2010

4.2 has arrived!

iOS (and especially iPad) users, rejoice! The amazing iOS 4.2 update is here, bringing with it all of the AirPlay, multitasking, folder app organization, multitasking bar settings access, Game Center compatibility, in-Safari word search, and more that we've been waiting for. Now if only iTunes would show it as being available for me to download . . .

Two interesting (and unexpected notes):

First, MobileMe's "Find My iPhone"(/iPad/iPod Touch) feature has been made free for all owners of current-generation devices. This is a fantastic feature, and one that will help a lot of people -- but one wonders what will make people buy MobileMe when they can get a lot of it's other features (contact/calendar syncing, online storage space, web hosting, etc.) for free or much cheaper through other services. Of course, part of MobileMe's appeal has been its ease of use and unification of all these features, and that may still prove to be enticing for many customers.

Second, did anyone else notice how the second-generation iPod Touch suddenly has a wallpaper background (a previously-unsupported feature) in the 4.2 compatibility lineup image? If there's anyone out there with a second-gen Touch upgrading to 4.2, let us know if you can add a wallpaper now!

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