Sunday, November 28, 2010

Traffic lights

This is an interesting design for traffic lights, utilizing an hourglass-inspired visual indicator of how much time is left in the different phases of the light cycle. As Ryan Wieber put it on his Twitter feed, however, "anything that lets you anticipate when to go will result in people drag racing 1 second before it's green."

Check out the site for the design here.


  1. Not sure about the drag racing part. Signaling that the light is about to turn green isn't exactly a novel idea. In the UK, when the red and amber lights are on together, it signals that the light is about to turn green.

  2. Fair point. It's neat how this idea not only counts down to green, but also counts down to red while the light is still green -- but while similar concerns could be raised about people gunning it before the light changes, I'm thinking it might be no more than people already do at yellows. And now, they'd know exactly how long they'd have to wait before being able to go again.