Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Twitter as an Adult

I still consider myself relatively new to Twitter, and so I find it interesting to learn more about what others use the service for, and how they manage this brave new world of brevity-based communication (came up with that one myself!). I stumbled across this interesting article, appropriately titled "How to Use Twitter as an Adult" -- though one could substitute "like" for "as", and it would still be pretty accurate. A relatively brief but thoughtful read, giving some advice, best practices, and expectation-setting. And a concluding thought in the article makes me feel a little better about sometimes not feeling like I fully "get" Twitter:

But Twitter is still evolving, and its usage evolves, too. How we use it now is different than how we used it a couple years ago. There is no one right way to use Twitter, and you should ignore anyone who says there is. Including me.

P.S. The header image was taken from here, though I'm not sure they created it.

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