Monday, November 08, 2010

D7000 RAW support in Aperture = :-(

I finally got my shiny (a.k.a. nice matte black) new D7000 in the mail last week, and I've been psyched to try out its many amazing features -- in particular, its excellent low-light performance. While I won't always be shooting in RAW (the images are over 20 MB each!), I wanted to see what full-quality images looked like, and how much I could push them in post. So I hooked up the camera to my MacBook Pro, fired up Aperture, and imported the contents of my SD card -- only to find that all of the RAW images I had shot (which were luckily in the minority, since I was trying out many different quality modes) came up as unsupported images, and had very strange (and inconsistent) thumbnail previews, as seen below:

What's especially weird is that as they were importing, there were actually accurate previews of the images . . . which disappeared once the images were fully imported. Maybe they were coming from the thumbnail previews on the camera itself? Either way, I hope an Aperture software update comes to add D7000 NEF support soon . . . otherwise, I may have to start doing my RAW editing in other programs, then export JPEGs back to Aperture. And we all know I don't want to do that . . .

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